Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball 13 Toronto:
The Wrecking BOND

Current political theatre ripped from the zeitgeist and thrown upon the stage. Writers have one week to write, directors have one week to rehearse.

Five playwrights have just begun work on original works to be presented at The Wrecking Ball 13: Wrecking Ball audience


The Anthropocene
by Rosa Laborde
Directed by Kelli Fox
Featuring: Dala Badr, Marc Bendavid, Derrick Chua, Miriam Fernandes, Michael Healey, Ann-Marie MacDonald, Tony Nappo, Gord Rand, Rick Roberts & Pamela Sinha

Descartes Before the Horse
by Djanet Sears
Directed by Alisa Palmer
Featuring: John Blackwood & Karen Robinson & The Voice of:

Title At End
Written and Directed by Brad Fraser
Featuring: Ron White & Gavin Crawford

Tourist Trap
by Jason Sherman
Directed by Aaron Willis
Featuring: Murray Furrow, Sam Khalilieh & Patrick McManus

by Cliff Cardinal
Directed by Audrey Dwyer
Featuring: Colin Doyle, Adam Lazarus, Rick Roberts & Amy Rutherford

MUSIC: an original composition by Samuel Sholdice that he wrote for his York University production of Bond’s RESTORATION performed by 20 musicians and vocalists

EDWARD BOND POETRY, READ BY: Lauren Brotman, Jack Grinhaus & Ann-Marie MacDonald

June 20, 2012
8 p.m.
The Theatre Centre
1087 Queen St. West, Toronto

New political theatre presented at The Theatre Centre as the closing event of The Edward Bond Festival.

Playwright, theatre director, poet, theorist and screenwriter Edward Bond is the author of some fifty plays, among them Saved which was instrumental in the abolition of theatre censorship in the U.K.. Broadly considered one among the major living dramatists, Bond has always been and remains highly controversial because of the violence shown in his plays, the radicalism of his statements about modern theatre and society, and his theories on drama.

Edward Bond
Edward Bond

For the past decade Edward Bond has focused heavily on what he calls The Third Crisis: the intensive injustice of authority in our present capitalist society. He had been investigating how language, ideas and humanity are being co-opted for rational capitalist means. Bond writes of people being "asleep" to injustices committed around them by being lulled into complacency through both apathy and the media. His work has focused on a projected, prophetic, dystopic vision of Western society.

About The Wrecking Ball

The Wrecking Ball has been the premiere event in Canada for showcasing political works for a decade. As the birthplace of new plays by Hannah Moscovitch, Michael Healey, Roland Schimmelpfennig, Erin Shields, Judith Thompson, Colleen Wagner, David Yee, Bea Pizano, Tara Beagan and Sky Gilbert to name a few, there is no there event like it challenging Toronto theatre artists to respond to and address the vox populi.

On the occasion of the previous two Federal elections The Wrecking Ball went National; with ‘Wrecking Balls’ hosted by theatre artists in most major cities across the country. In both 2008 and 2011 these pan-Canadian dramatic responses to our politics garnered widespread national attention. The Wrecking Ball is no longer a Toronto phenomenon, but an autonomous theatrical movement joined by a desire to explore current political questions, issues, desires and dreams upon the stage.

Brought to you by the Wrecking Ball Toronto Crew: Alan Dilworth, Nina Lee Aquino, Ravi Jain, Ruth Madoc Jones, Ross Manson, Weyni Mengesha, Julie Tepperman, Michael Wheeler and Aaron Willis.

Founded by Ross Manson, Jason Sherman, Andrew Soren and Lara Azzopardi.

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